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Scholarships Awarded

Year Award Recipient Institution
1965 Buzzard. Bruce Bechtol University of Oregon
1966 None awarded.    
1967 Buzzard. David B. Knight Eastern Michigan University
1968 None awarded    
1969 Buzzard (UG) Carolyn Andre Elmhurst College
1969 Buzzard (G) Wallace M. Elton Michigan State University
1969 Ph.D. Award George J. Suchand University of Oklahoma
1970 Buzzard (UG) Eric R Finstick Valparaiso University
1970 Buzzard (G) David Anthony Stiglich Fresno State University
1971 Buzzard (UG) Klause Gurgel University of Utah
1971 Buzzard (G) Lawrence Handley University of Arkansas
1972 Buzzard (UG) Thomas J. Baerwald Valparaiso University
1972 Buzzard (G) Ralph A. Gareis Kansas State University
1973 Buzzard (UG) Mark A Gregory Oklahoma State University
1973 Buzzard G) Anna F. Poma Central Michigan University
1974 Buzzard (UG) Vincent Finn Boston State College
1975 Buzzard (UG) Julie Winkler University of North Dakota
1975 Buzzard (G) Maximillian Michels University of Illinois
1976 Buzzard (UG) Jeffery Kunz Weber State College
1976 Buzzard (G) Bernie Kinsman California State University-Long Beach
1976 Buzzard (G) Jo Ann Luehring Kansas State University
1977 Buzzard (UG) Joyce Eileen Olson Elmhurst College
1977 Buzzard (G) Carol Ann Kamper California State University-Long Beach
1978 Buzzard (UG) Pamela Beth Kruse Valparaiso University
1978 Buzzard (G) Bryon Middlekauf Michigan State University
1979 Buzzard (UG) Rita Mark Kozak Elmhurst College
1979 Buzzard (G) Fredrick T. Wieden Jr. California State University-Fresno
1980 Buzzard (UG) Eric W. Constance Central Missouri State University
1980 Buzzard (G) John I. Hammer III University of North Dakota
1981 Buzzard (UG) Cynthia Rolph Kansas State University
1981 Buzzard (G) Richard Faflak Indiana State University
1982 Buzzard (UG) Ann Rudnitski St Cloud State University
1982 Buzzard (G) Jane L. Spahn Murray State University
1983 Buzzard (UG) Stanley B. Wilds Kansas State University
1983 Buzzard (G) Johnna F. Jones Kansas State University
1984 Buzzard (UG) Martin Mitchell California State University-Chico
1984 Buzzard (G) Gerald Newton Western Illinois University
1985 Buzzard (UG) Loretta Ann Stiltman Kansas State University
1985 Buzzard (G) Mary Dillwoth Western Michigan University
1986 Buzzard (UG) Virgil Wiebe Kansas State University
1986 Buzzard (G) Austin Mardon South Dakota State University
1987 Buzzard (UG) Aileen Buckley Valparaiso University
1987 Buzzard (G) Kenneth Lowery Southern Illinois University
1988 Buzzard (UG) Jeffrey V. Trionfante Western Oregon State College
1988 Buzzard (G) Catherine M. Lockwood South Dakota State University
1988 Richason Robert S. Bristow Southern Illinois University
1989 Buzzard (UG) Randi Horner East Carolina University
1989 Buzzard (G) Jean Marie Eichhorst University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
1989 Richason Amy DeSmidt Carroll College
1990 Buzzard (UG) Kristen Kosnik Arizona State University
1990 Buzzard (G) Wendy Shaw University of Arkansas
1990 Richason Mary Elizabeth Gorman-Hackstadt  
1991 Buzzard (UG) Malcolm Ponte Kansas State University
1991 Buzzard (G) Katherine Nashleanas California State University-Hayward
1991 Richason Rebecca Michelson South Dakota State University
1992 Buzzard (UG) Charles W. LaFon Emory and Henry University
1992 Buzzard (G) Blake Wilson Kansas State University
1992 Richason Donna Kay Harris University of Nebraska-Kearney
1993 Buzzard (UG) Kathleen Warren University of Idaho
1993 Buzzard (G) Nancy Joan Selover Arizona State University
1993 Richason Jennifer Rogalsky University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1993 Maxfield Christopher Dolan Southwest Texas State University
1994 Buzzard (UG) Becky Schuerman Kansas State University
1994 Buzzard (G) Steven Muller University of Missouri
1994 Richason Martin J. Doody III. North Dakota University
1994 Maxfield Douglas E. Swink Northwest University
1995 Buzzard (UG) Steven R. Schill Utah State University
1995 Buzzard (G) Rhonda Groothousen New Mexico State University
1995 Richason Rachel Kurtz South Dakota State University
1995 Maxfield Eva Raveling University of Denver
1995 President’s Winnie Chan Southern Connecticut State University
1996 Buzzard (UG) Kieran Vogler Old Dominion University
1996 Buzzard (G) John McKenzie Kansas State University
1996 Richason Sharon Neidt-Haynes Central Connecticut State University
1996 Maxfield Christopher Bertram South Dakota State University
1996 President’s Le Anne Rabitor Worcester State University
1997 Buzzard (G) Bradley C. Rundquist Kansas State University
1997 Richason Christine G. Bartleson University of North Carolina, Greensboro
1997 Maxfield Beth Nicole Richardson University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1997 President’s Cathryn E. Anderson Southwest Texas State University
1997 President’s Joanne M. Feldman University of Georgia
1998 Buzzard (UG) Lydia Bean Indiana University-Southwest
1998 Buzzard (G) Nancy Leathers Kansas State University
1998 Richason Connie Kaserman University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
1998 Maxfield Julie Claire Eisenberg Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
1998 President’s Michael Whittley University of Northern Colorado
1999 Buzzard (UG) Jason P. Haremza SUNY­ Geneseo
1999 Buzzard (G) Holly Barcus Kansas State University
1999 Richason Kathleen T. Dreisbach Bloomsburg University
2000 Maxfield Megan Rogers Western Michigan University
2000 Richason Christopher  Lanigren South Dakota State University
2000 Presidents Robert T. Koch University of North Carolina, Charlotte
2000 Buzzard (UG) Joshua Joseph Kerber Minnesota State University, Mankato
2000 Buzzard (G) Katrina L. Frank Kansas State University
2001 Buzzard (UG) Susan Durham SUNY-Geneseo
2001 Buzzard (G) Kristen Ausanka University of North Carolina, Charlotte
2001 Richason Richard Hunter South Dakota State University
2001 Maxfield Kara Beth Gregoire SUNY-Geneseo
2001 President’s Molly Schemlzle Syracuse University
2002 Buzzard (UG) Kristen Leigh Miller University of Vermont
2002 Buzzard (G) Cathryn Springer Southwest Texas State University
2002 Richason Jennifer L. Rice Southwest Texas State University
2002 Maxfield Dawn M. Drake Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2002 President’s Christina Danico Macalester College
2003 Buzzard (UG) Robyn Elizabeth Hanson Colgate University
2003 Buzzard (G) Zoran Pavlovic South Dakota State University
2003 Richason Dan Warshawsky University of Illinois
2003 Maxfield Brad Hammerschmidt Kansas State University
2003 Rechlin Cole Akeson Macalester College
2004 Buzzard (UG) Mikaila Bell Texas State University
2004 Buzzard (G) Anthony Mannion Kansas State University
2004 Richason Yenal Kucuker SUNY-Geneseo
2004 Maxfield Teresa Hauguel Arizona State University
2004 Rechlin Kristin Goetz SUNY-Geneseo
2005 Buzzard (UG) Drew Bennet University of Denver
2005 Buzzard (G) Emily Anne Kilman SIU-Edwardsville
2005 Richason Charles Andrews University of South Florida
2005 Maxfield Krystal Kliger University of Connecticut
2005 Rechlin Joel Larson Macalester College
2006 Buzzard UG Marcus Nichols Eastern Illinois University
2006 Buzzard (G) Michelle Bussemey Texas State University
2006 Maxfield Jessica Brannock Appalachian State University
2006 World Regional Geog Samuel Patrick Nelson Brigham Young University
2006 Strahler-Wiley Deanna DeWise University of Montana
2007 Buzzard (U) Nataliya Lys University of Nebraska
2007 Buzzard (G) Stacey Brown Oklahoma State University
2007 Buzzard (G) Suzi Wiseman Texas State University
2007 Richason/Rechlin Christine Zuhlsdorf University of California, Los Angeles
2007 Maxfield Paula Kiviranta Zimmerman Clark University
2007 World Regional (U) Noah Ebner University of California, Los Angeles
2007 World Regional (G) Suparna Das University of Utah
2007 Strahler-Wiley Katarina Doctor George Mason University
2007 Geosystems Dawn Drake University of Tennessee
2008 Buzzard (G) Sumanth G. Reddy Kansas State University
2008 Buzzard (G) Amy Milam University of South Alabama
2008 Buzzard (G) Monica Stephans University of Arizona
2008 Buzzard (G) Delphine Tsinajiinnie Central Washington University
2008 World Regional Austin Harris Virginia Tech
2008 Strahler-Wiley Steven Stevens University of New Orleans
2009 Buzzard (U) Marco Allain University of New Orleans
2009 Maxfield Jason Arbogast Texas State University
2009 Buzzard (G) Lindsay Bressler South Dakota State University
2009 Richason Heather Hegi Wayne State College (Nebraska)
2009 Rechlin Magdalena Wisniewska Western Michigan University
2010 Buzzard (U) Areeya Tivasuradej California State University - Northridge
2010 Maxfield S. Michael Edwards University of West Georgia
2010 Buzzard (G) Kristin Johnston University of North Carolina - Greensboro
2010 Richason Rupak Shrestha St. Cloud State University
2010 Rechlin Matthew Fahrenbruch University of North Dakota
2011 Buzzard (U) Jay Strahan Michigan State University
2011 Maxfield Amy Jo Heatherly University of Northern Colorado
2011 Buzzard (G) Anna Patterson New Mexico State University
2011 Richason Nicole Grams Ohio University
2011 Rechlin Cara Kowalski SUNY- Geneseo
2012 Buzzard (U) Zachary Kalina Wayne State College (Nebraska)
2012 Maxfield Michelle Coe University of Arizona
2012 Buzzard (G) Preston Cumming University of Colorado - Boulder
2012 Richason Hope Shimek Texas State University
2012 Rechlin Alicia Gray Southern Connecticut State University
2013 Buzzard (U) Hannah Herrero University of Florida
2013 Maxfield Agata Miszczyk Macalester College
2013 Buzzard (G) Brian Baskerville University of Nebraska
2013 Richason Julio Castillo Montgomery College
2013 Rechlin Lance Dasher University of Toledo
2014 Buzzard (U) Andrew Valenski  University of Richmond
2014 Maxfield Ellen Heenan University of Oregon
2014 Buzzard (G) William Wetherholt Kansas State University
2014 Richason Amanda Sankey Texas State University
2014 Rechlin Charles Hockett University of Oregon
2015 Buzzard (U) Caitlin Ruby University of Southern Mississippi
2015 Maxfield Aida Guhlin Texas A&M University
2015 Buzzard (G) Graciella Sandoval Texas State University–San Marcos
2015 Richason Austin Rau Minnesota State University–Mankato
2015 Rechlin Carina Vowels Northern Michigan University
2016 Buzzard (U) Emily Moothart University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
2016 Maxfield Jory Fleming University of South Carolina
2016 Buzzard (G) Michelle Ritchie Binghamton University
2016 Richason Dino Kadich University of Arizona
2016 Rechlin Tonya Atherton Southern Illinois University
2017 Buzzard (U)  Adam Dohrenwend SUNY Geneseo
2017 Maxfield Madison Heffentrager East Carolina University
2017 Buzzard (G)  Angela Chapman Ohio University
2017 Richason Angela Mundis St. Cloud State University
2017 Rechlin Alysha Alloway Macalester College
2018 Buzzard (U)  Anthony Jreije Clark University
2018 Maxfield Allison Carvalho DePaul University
2018 Buzzard (G)  Meredith Moore Auburn University
2018 Richason Jonathan Tejeda California State University, Northridge
2018 Rechlin Jimmy Feng SUNY Geneseo
2019 Buzzard (U) Holly Roth Northern Michigan University
2019 Maxfield Lindsey Kurtz University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2019 Buzzard (G) Samuel Nielson University of South Carolina
2019 Richason Seth Kannarr Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
2019 Rechlin Christopher Jarrett East Carolina University