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Gamma Theta Upsilon 2010-2011 Chapter Annual Reports

Note: If your chapter is not listed here we did not receive an annual report this year. Please check back in the spring of 2012 for information on submitting 2011-2012 annual reports.

Zeta, Slippery Rock University

Faculty Sponsor: Stentor Danielson
President: Marah Vecenie

Activities: The Zeta Chapter at Slippery Rock University had been defunct for many years. In 2010, six students who met the requirements for GTU membership organized to re-establish the chapter, holding our induction dinner in December. Now that GTU is active at Slippery Rock again, we hope to begin sponsoring more events and activities in the coming year.

Theta, Arizona State University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michael Kuby
President: Shaun Perfect
Vice President: Camelia Tipton
Secretary: Joshua Montano
Treasurer: Matthew Salem

Activities:  This year's GTU Field Trips included:

  1. Mountain Bike Pima/Dynamite Trails
  2. A hike in Superstition Mountains
  3. Nordic skiing
  4. A trip to The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix
  5. A tour of Walnut Canyon and Sunset Crater
  6. A visit to Coconino National Forest, Wet Beaver Creek

Other highlights are:
President-Elect Tyler Eltringham led a team that won the ASU Innovation Challenge and was awarded a $10,000 seed grant to start a non-profit organization called OneShot that will be doing immunizations for college students against meningococcal meningitis. For every shot for a student, they will donate one immunization for a person in Africa's Sub-Saharan meningitis belt. In addition, for the second time, we held a session to help write trivia questions for the Tempe Geography Bee in coordination with Tempe Sister Cities and local teachers.

Omicron, Shippensburg University

Faculty Sponsor: Tim Hawkins
President: Aaron Grove
Vice President: Anthony Lain
Secretary: Carla Barbush
Treasurer: Amanda Locke
Historian: Carla Barbush


Upsilon, Bowling Green State University

Faculty Sponsor: Karen D. Johnson-Webb
President: Dana Doubler
Vice President: Matthew Dyne
Treasurer: Whitney Foreman

Activities: We initiated 3 new members. Members created an informational bulletin board in the department. Members participated in a community clean up day at Oak Openings Metro Park in Swanton, OH. We helped to clean up tornado damage. We planned for recruiting and activities for next year in order to be able to "hit the ground running" with initiations for Fall semester.

Chi, Oklahoma State University

Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Wikle
President: Bryan Frenz
Treasurer: Steven Erickson

Activities: The Chi Chapter at Oklahoma State University helped in sponsoring Geography Awareness Week activities during the Fall semester and parties and other student/faculty/staff events during the Fall and Spring. In April, 23 new members were initiated.

Alpha Epsilon, University of Utah

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. George Hepner
President: Sam Stehle/ Jonathan Williams
Vice President: Austin Coates
Secretary: Rebecca Koll
Treasurer: Steven Savoy
Historian: Marissa Tadie

Activities: The members of the University of Utah chapter of GTU have taken a leadership role in organizing and participating in activities for the campus Geography Club. Popular activities this past year included hiking to Sundial Peak and Blanche Lake, indoor rock climbing, and a potluck and movie night featuring Ken Burns’ popular documentary on the National Parks. GTU played a major role in helping put together events associated with International Geography Awareness Week. Every year the club unveils a massive trivia board with questions of varying difficulty about several geographical concepts. The 2010 version featured new categories and new questions that proved difficult to even veterans of the field. The board and impromptu recruiting table were given a prime location and saw a lion’s share of well-deserved interest. Turnout to all of these events was excellent, both in and outside of the geography department. Gamma Theta Upsilon has made an effort to include participants from other disciplines, successfully bridging many academic and social gaps.

We have become most proud of our annual salt dough activity featuring young students from the Adelante School. GTU members organize, prepare salt dough, and educate these children about the geography of Utah by helping to create colorful, 3-D models of familiar landmarks throughout the state. Adelante is a bi-lingual Spanish/English elementary school, and the event is as much a lesson in culture for its volunteers as it is a hands-on geography lesson for the kids. Gamma Theta Upsilon fully expects to continue hosting this field-trip, which has proven to be exciting and informative for all involved.

The Alpha Epsilon Chapter continues to see increasing membership, despite the tendency of Utah students to commute away from campus for their social lives. We have made a conscious effort to arrange activities that encourage new members from outside the department and have been very successful. This trend is something we are proud of and expect to see continue through the coming years.

Alpha Psi, University of Colorado-Boulder

Faculty Sponsor: Tim Oakes
President:  Adam Williams
Vice President: Abby Hickcox
Secretary: Preston Cumming
Treasurer: Preston Cumming

Activities This year was a great one for renewal of the chapter, which had been inactive for several years until 2010. We recruited over fifteen new graduate student members and held several events, including social events and the first annual Human Geography Film Festival. During the film festival, we hosted filmmaker Rachel Salnave for a screening of her film Harlem’s Mart 125. All in attendance loved the film and we had a great discussion at the end of the screening. We are looking forward to next year!

Beta Iota, East Carolina University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Karen Mulcahy

Activities: The Beta Iota chapter is in the process of reorganizing. Six members were elected and inducted into the Chapter in the Spring.

Gamma Omicron, University of Texas at Austin

Faculty Sponsor: Gregory Knapp

Activities: Ten members were inducted and six graduated since our last report.

Gamma Omega Alpha, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Brian Okey
President: Nkemke Uche
Vice President: Nicholas Flanders
Secretary: Kathleen Oldrey
Treasurer: Jason Wade

Activities: GTU maintained a high profile in the IUP Department of Geography & Regional Planning for 2010-2011. Club members went on a rock climbing outing at Yellow Creek State Park in October. The event was led by member James Whitacre, an experienced wilderness instructor. What has become a tradition as well as a financial staple for the group--hot dog sales--resumed in the basement of Leonard Hall. The group now serves a steady clientele of students and faculty members, who have helped to maintain a healthy treasury for several years. This year an experiment to sell vegetarian hot dogs yielded mixed results. In April, the annual banquet and induction of new members was held at a ski lodge owned by the IUP Student Co-Op. Our own Dr. Donald Buckwalter was the featured presenter, and his talk on Moscow’s unique street and architectural evolution was well received. Those who attended are forewarned of the pedestrian dangers to be experienced in this fascinating city. Fourteen new members were added to the group’s numbers, however, we said goodbye to 15 graduates. These included club president Nkemke Uche (B.S.), vice president Nicholas Flanders (B.S.), and treasurer Jason Wade (M.A.). Also graduating was Eric McClure (M.S.) who honored the department by winning the award for best student poster at the 2010 Pennsylvania Geographical Society annual meeting in York. The turnover will bring fresh faces to the executive in the Fall, and new experiences for our chapter.

Iota Gamma, Northern Illinois University

Sponsor: Andrew J. Krmenec
President: Trevor Edmonson
Vice President: Michael Williams
Secretary: Kristina Rohrbach
Treasurer: Kristina Rohrbach
Historian: Michael Williams

Activities: The Iota Gamma chapter held its main induction ceremony in late November 2010. Twelve new members were inducted: four undergraduates and eight graduate students. Over the course of the 2010-2011 academic year, chapter members organized and undertook a variety of activities, many in collaboration with members of the Geography Club and the NIU American Meteorological Society Student Chapter. GTU members individually and collectively:

Iota Gamma Chapter members culminated the year by celebrating completion of their BS and MS degrees, along with other students, at the annual Graduation Reception hosted by faculty of the Department of Geography.

Iota Phi, University of Florida

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Joann Mossa
President: Hannah Herrero
Vice President: Juliaan Doppen-McCosker
Secretary: Stephanie Zarkis
Treasurer: Adrianna Dolphin
Historian: Karalyn Hartford

Activities: The Iota Phi chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon at the University of Florida was able to increase knowledge of the organization and the Geography Student Organization by tabling at the Student Organization fair in 2010 and talking with new potential members. At the fair, we met Dr. Riviere Sebastian who kindly gave a guest lecture at our meeting on the geography and culture of the Caribbean as well as environmental impacts of fisheries. He is native to the Island of Dominica. In 2010, Iota Phi developed a webpage with group information, activities, and other valuable information listed on the site at, showing some photos of recent activities. In addition, T-shirts were made and sold to increase visibility.

In 2011, the chapter had an initiation with 8 new members. Iota Phi went on a group trip to Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park in order to visit a large limestone sinkhole and learn about the unique features and geology of the park. Iota Phi members also volunteered with the GIFT garden program in our area in which we installed eco-friendly gardens in low income communities for the residents to use and grow crops. The chapter also had a group trip to the Ichetucknee River and Springs in order to discuss the unique geography of the springs as well as the fauna and to enjoy relaxing in the water. Elections were held and the students above agreed to serve as officers for the remainder of 2011 through elections in 2012. Finally, the end of the year was celebrated with a picnic at the University of Florida’s Lake Wauberg.

Kappa Delta Chapter, Central Connecticut State University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter A. Kyem
President: Dr. Peter A. Kyem

Activities: No activity was scheduled for the Fall 2011 semester. During the spring 2011 semester, the Chapter focused on its Annual Geography Banquet. Preparations for the Department’s annual banquet began early in January 2011. The event brings faculty, current students, new initiates and their parents together for an awards banquet at which several Kappa Delta members are recognized for their scholarship. The Banquet is also the time reserved for the swearing in of New Initiates. This year Gamma Theta Upsilon awards were conferred on two students: an Outstanding Graduate and an Undergraduate student. We attracted 13 new members who were sworn in by the new President of the Chapter.

Kappa Kappa, University of South Florida

Faculty Sponsor: Mark Hafen President

Activities: We inducted 11 new members in Fall 2010 and 7 new members in Spring 2011. We used GTU funds to assist the Geography Club in providing food and beverages for a club-sponsored event in the Fall.

Delta Lambda, University of South Alabama

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Carol Sawyer
President: Ms. Reva Stienstraw-Hitchcock
Vice President:  Mr. Vincent Walker
Secretary: Ms. Sherall Cornwell
Treasurer:  Mr. Anthony Johnson

Activities: Six new members were inducted into the Delta Lambda chapter this academic year and four of our members graduated. Three students attended the Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers in Birmingham, Alabama, while four members attended the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Seattle, Washington. Geography t-shirts designed by chapter members were sold at a discounted rate to all interested students and faculty to help promote the geography discipline.

Delta Mu, University of Mary Washington

Sponsor: Dawn Bowen
President: Sarah McNeal
Vice President: John Mulrey
Secretary: John Mulrey

Activities: Hosted the annual department symposium in April.

Epsilon Eta, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Faculty Sponsors: Professor Rafique Ahmed and Dr. Colin Belby
President: Zachary R. Meitner
Vice President: Alexander J. Wegner
Secretary: Alexander J. Wegner
Treasurer: Zachary R. Meitner
Historian: Prof. Rafique Ahmed

Activities: GTU officers and Geography Club members met every Tuesday evening, followed by dinner at a local restaurant. Fall, 2010 activities included a Welcome Week carnival,  a Fall Geography Club/GTU Picnic, a Fall Semester Dinner and Rotary Lights Tour and the GTU Fall initiation Ceremony. Spring, 2011 activities included a bowling night, participation in the Univ. of Wisconsin – La Crosse Campus clean-up, a hike in Hixon Forest and Trail Clean-up, the Spring Geography Club/GTU Picnic, the GTU Spring initiation and the GTU Election. President Elect is Alexander Wegner and VP Elect is Melissa Goldade. Other Spring activities included a Mississippi Explorer Boat Trip, participation in Earth Week events, an End of Spring Semester Party and visits to: (a) Perrot State Park, WI, and (b) Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge, WI.

Zeta Zeta, Texas A&M University

Faculty Sponsor: Bob Bednarz
President: Emily Vandewalle
Vice President: Luis Londoño
Secretary: Norma Medina
Treasurer: Travis Liska

Activities After a period of inactivity, we reorganized, elected officers, and held an initiation dinner for new members.

Zeta Lambda, University of New Orleans

Faculty Sponsor: James Lowry
President: Ruth Guymon

Activities: Other than an initiation on April 20, we've not been active in the past year.

Zeta Upsilon, The University of Arizona

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Stephen Yool
President: Anne Ranek

Activities: The School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona is happy to announce that we just reinstated Zeta Upsilon chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon with 11 new members. At our first meeting we established a mentor program where graduate students will teach and help undergraduate students in the process of making poster presentations. Our goal is to have undergraduate students attend and present at the annually APCG in San Francisco 2011.

Zeta Chi, Old Dominion University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Hua Liu
President: Zachary Pearce
Vice President: Charles Cogdill
Treasurer: Matthew Rappold

Activities: The Zeta Chi Chapter:

Eta Kappa, Salem State University

Faculty Sponsor: Marcos Luna
President: Steve Silvern
Vice President: Keith Ratner
Secretary: Patricia Whynott, Department Secretary

Activities: The Eta Kappa Chapter inducted into membership 12 undergraduate students and three graduate students at the Department’s annual Geography Day event. Over 60 people attended this ceremony. Three of the inductees were recognized for outstanding academic achievement and service to the community. Sawyer R. Stippa was awarded the Ruane Award for Excellence in Cartography; Danielle L. Milo was recognized by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism; and Amanda L. Sullivan was awarded the prestigious John George Memorial Scholarship Award. The last is the single largest scholarship awarded internally at the University. Student members were encouraged to make presentations at the NESTVAL and national AAG conferences.

Eta Lambda, Villanova University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Francis A. Galgano
President: Kaitlin Chupka
Vice President: Michael Patson
Secretary: Dr. Keith Henderson
Treasurer: Claudia Colon
Historian: Elizabeth Pons

Activities: The Chapter opened the year with a sponsored lecture, titled “The U.S. Balkan Muslim Diaspora – A Security Risk?” presented by Dr. Steven Oluic, Dean, Social Science and Public Service Technologies, Lakeland Community College (note: at the time he was an Associate Professor at the United States Military Academy). Approximately 60 students and 25 faculty from across the University attended the lecture.

The Chapter also co-sponsored a Global Change seminar series in conjunction with the Department’s senior environmental seminar course. As part of the series, a group of scientists from Villanova, University of Pennsylvania, and the National Academy of Sciences presided over seminars that addressed various salient environmental issues. A total of six seminars were held during the spring term. The seminars were attended by students and faculty from across the College.

The Chapter hosted its annual induction ceremony as part of the Department’s annual graduation and awards ceremony. This year, the Chapter inducted 1 honorary member and 14 regular members from among the junior and senior classes.

Eta Chi, Northern Michigan University

Faculty Sponsor: Susy Ziegler
President: Kristie Prusi (Fall Semester); Ben Scheelk (Winter Semester)
Vice President: Mike Robinson (Fall Semester); Amanda Emerson (Winter Semester)
Treasurer: Erica Smith

Activities: Five new GTU members were initiated into Eta Chi during Fall 2010, and six new GTU members were initiated in Winter 2011. A small but active core group of GTU members organized events that were open to other Geography majors and faculty members. Field trips, or what we call Geo-Workshops, included a geoarcheology tour on Grand Island in Lake Superior, a winter walk at Eben Ice Caves (co-organized with the Rocks and Minerals Club), and a geocaching outing at Presque Isle in Marquette, Michigan. Geo-Cinema movie nights included a screening and discussion of the documentary Manufactured Landscapes and some other environmental films. GTU co-hosted a “Graduate School Interest Night” to help students think about whether graduate school was in their futures and if so then what they could do to prepare. Several faculty members served on a panel for this informational session. The president and vice president organized a Geo-Scope lecture series in March and April 2011, which included weekly presentations by two students and three faculty members who shared details of their travels and research. We hope to carry the group’s momentum forward in spite of several GTU members having graduated this year.

Theta Iota, Ohio University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Harold A Perkins
President: Kyle Clem
Vice President: Chelsea Fleming
Secretary: Nicole Grams
Treasurer: David Snider
Historian: Jia Li

Activities: This year our chapter’s elected officers worked very hard to recruit eligible members. We therefore have eight new inductees this year. Our officers also held regular meetings and did some fundraising activities including bake sales. The officers also have worked hard to revive our department’s geography club. This year our GTU membership has kept their social cohesiveness as they held regular socials at their homes.

Lambda Zeta, Wayne State College

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randy Bertolas
President: Zachary Kalina
Vice President: Gabe Gauthier

Activities: During the Fall 2010 semester, Lambda Zeta chapter members: (1) participated in the annual Students vs. Faculty Bowling Challenge among the social sciences departments, (2) participated in the Festival of Trees fundraiser to purchase and deliver holiday gifts for Wayne County children from low income families, and (3) initiated two new GTU members. The chapter also (4) sponsored an invited speaker during the Fall 2010 semester, Dr. Charles Gritzner of South Dakota State University, who gave a talk entitled “Geography of the Paranormal.” In addition, Lambda Zeta chapter members participated in hosting and sponsoring events for the Spring 2011 Social Sciences Day at Wayne State College. These activities included (5) helping with initiation ceremonies for social sciences honor societies including Gamma Theta Upsilon, (6) participating in the end-of-year student awards and recognition ceremony including presentation of the GTU Award of Excellence, and (7) setting up the annual Social Sciences Banquet.

Lambda Rho, Youngstown State University

Faculty Sponsor: Dawna Cerney
President: James Taylor

Activities: Lambda Rho had a number of students graduate last year (Spring 2010), consequently leaving the group with one active member. As a result, it was a re-building year. This spring, four students were initiated include Kim Taylor (no relation to JJ Taylor listed above as president), who was the speaker at this year’s undergraduate graduation ceremony. Additional inductees included Anna Garback, Brandi Hess, and John Stamp. In addition two honorary memberships were granted to Dave Toohey and Cheri Donofrio.

Lambda Upsilon, Grand Rapids Community College

Faculty Sponsor: Mike DeVivo
President: Megan Hornyak
Vice President: April Kibby
Secretary: Jenna Boot
Treasurer: Brandi Glaske
Historian: Brandi Glaske

Activities: The Lambda Upsilon Chapter engaged in much work throughout the academic year, as its members sought to make significant contributions to the discipline, as well as to humanity, through geographical scholarship and service. A promotional film on the benefits of joining GTU and studying Geography was produced and made available on Youtube (

Titled, Geography in 8 Minutes or Less, the film was presented and discussed atthe East Lakes Division (AAG) annual meeting in October. Its universal access allows it to be used by other chapters across the U.S.

Sparked by a required reading in the World Regional Geography course, the GTU chapter decided to put their learning into action by raising money to support the education of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa. Lambda Upsilon worked in collaboration with the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) and raised $600 to provide two girls in Zimbabwe with the entire costs needed for a year of education. Megan Hornyak (President) and April Kibby (Vice-President) showed a film produced by CAMFED at the GRCC Annual Race and Ethnicity Conference; titled, Where the Water Meets the Sky, the film examines the hardships rural Zambian women face daily, especially in an era that is characterized by a high incidence of HIV-AIDS. The film was discussed, as were a number of other issues surrounding gender and development, and many of the 84 people in attendance expressed appreciation for the knowledge gained. Also participating at the conference was Leon Yacher, the Visiting Geographical Scientist, who delivered a captivating presentation on ethnicity and conflict in Central Asia.

Ms. Hornyak, Ms. Kibby, and Ms. Boot wrote a grant proposal for funding to participate in the California Geographical Society Annual Meeting. Funding was awarded, and Ms. Hornyak and Ms. Kibby collaborated with Mike DeVivo (Chapter Sponsor) in the presentation of a paper at the conference in April. This presentation discussed how specific changes in the traditional geography curriculum could spark students to move beyond simple awareness and compel them to make contributions to humanity through fund-raising efforts directed toward supporting the education of girls in Less Developed Countries; it was well-received and faculty in attendance expressed willingness to employ aspects of the GRCC geography curriculum model. Given that the conference was held in Bishop, the Lambda Upsilon members took part in self-guided field trips to Death Valley, the Owens River Valley, and Yosemite, as well as the conference-sponsored field trip to Mono Lake. Because the GRCC Geography curriculum incorporates Cadillac Desert as an integral component in two courses, the students were able to more fully understand what had been read and discussed in their classes by getting their boots muddy and exploring the landscape.

This sort of fieldwork was the norm throughout the academic year. Members of the chapter visited the Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant to acquire knowledge about sewage treatment and problems associated with water pollution in the Grand River drainage basin. They also visited vineyards and wineries in three distinctive Michigan appellations, which enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between topography, soil, and climate, and the cultivation of wine-grapes.

In addition to practicing the craft of geography, Lambda Upsilon members made it a point to offer tutoring to students in need of one-on-one geography instruction. Gifted with the means to communicate some of the more difficult geographical concepts, especially with regard to matters associated with physical geography, the tutors often made a difference for struggling students.

Because of their accomplishments, the Lambda Upsilon members were awarded at the annual GRCC Student Awards Banquet. Ms. Boot, Ms. Kibby, and Ms. Hornyak each received academic service awards. Ms. Kibby and Ms. Hornyak both received global citizenship awards. Ms. Hornyak also received a leadership award and the GTU Excellence in Geography Award.

In essence, during the 2010-2011 academic year the members of Lambda Upsilon worked diligently to promote geography for a better world, and their efforts made a significant difference for people from Michigan to Zimbabwe. The words of Nelson Mandela serve as a reminder: “There is no passion in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” It was their passion for geography that drove the members of Lambda Upsilon, and it was that passion that compelled them to pursue geographic excellence for the benefit of humankind. Though small in number, they did great things.

Lambda Phi, Millersville University

Sponsor: Dr. Angela Cuthbert
President: Steve Sherman
Vice President: Stephanie Bergmann

Activities: As a small department we continue to combine our efforts with the well-established Geography Club. Many of the current members are also members in the Geography Club. The two organizations engaged in the following activities this past academic year:

  1. attending the Pennsylvania Geographical Society annual conference
  2. attending the Pennsylvania Planners Association conference
  3. attending the Towson GIS conference.

Mu Alpha, DePaul University

Faculty Sponsor: Euan Hague

Activities: The major event of the year was inducting 8 students and 9 faculty members into GTU. It was realized that many of the current faculty members did not join GTU as undergraduates. Consequently, to ensure that each could serve as a faculty advisor if necessary, those without prior membership were inducted into the Mu Alpha chapter.

Mu Delta, University of Richmond

Faculty Sponsor: David S. Salisbury

Activities: The Mu Delta Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon was founded in the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia on November, 2010. In this first year of existence, the Mu Delta chapter is made up of 17 new members. To date our activities consist only of an induction ceremony and celebration, as we work towards incorporating the chapter in our University system of student organizations and to voting on our student leadership.

Mu Epsilon, Bucknell University

Faculty Sponsor: Karen M. Morin

Activities: The Bucknell University Chapter of the GTU was established this year, with 13 inaugural members. These members were inducted into the society and honored at a luncheon. The certificate with their names was framed and placed on the wall of the geography lounge in a prominent position. Next academic year the chapter will become more organized with officers, activities, etc.

Mu Eta, Mississippi State University

Sponsor: Kathleen Sherman-Morris
President: Sachi Mishra
Vice President: Mark Baldwin
Secretary: Pat Kambesis
Treasurer: Kit Posadas
Historian: Charlotte Buehler

Activities: The biggest highlight for Mu Eta is its founding! Our chapter was chartered on March 30, 2011. The group met at La Terraza for an induction dinner/ceremony. The chapter held one general meeting. The members of the executive board also met to determine future projects. There were three project ideas discussed this spring. These included bringing in speakers, fundraising to be able to do this, and the start of a student research symposium before SEDAAG so students could practice giving their talks or presenting their posters. Several members volunteered to help out with MSU's International Fiesta and the group thought that might be a nice service project to work with each year. Also, the chapter created the position of social director. Amelia Fox was elected for that role. As her first duty, she organized the induction dinner.

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