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Gamma Theta Upsilon 2012-2013 Chapter Annual Reports

Gamma Theta Upsilon chapters have participated in a wide variety of impressive activities this year.  Service is important to GTU chapters from volunteering for roadside trash cleanups to local school visits and tutoring.  Two notable activities include raising awareness of Genocide, on campus at the University of Florida and raising funds for the education of girls and Women in Africa at Grand Rapids Community College. Several chapters organized field trips including Emory and Henry College's trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto and Northern Michigan University's trip to visit the farm of a GTU member to learn about sustainable agriculture. Many chapters traveled to regional and national geography conferences.  Numerous chapters sponsored speakers on their campus on a wide variety of geographic topics including career and graduate school panels.  Earth Day, Geography Awareness Week, and student activity fairs are among the many opportunities that chapters take to raise awareness of geography on campus and in the community. A number of chapters sponsored Geography Bowl events or trivia contests.  Many chapters report holding two initiation ceremonies, one in the fall and one in the spring. Many chapters also plan activities in partnership with a campus geographical society. I welcome reports of several newly established or reactivated chapters, who may not have had an opportunity to do much yet but are eager to start planning activities. At the heart of it all Gamma Theta Chapters helped to recognize the superior scholarship of geography students by initiating new members. I hope that these chapter reports help to inspire your own chapter as it seeks to plan activities for 2013-2014.

Michael Longan
2nd Vice President
Gamma Theta Epsilon

Note: If your chapter is not listed here we did not receive an annual report this year.  Please check back in the spring of 2014 for information on submitting a 2013-2014 annual report.


Epsilon, Missouri State University

President: Kyle Lake and Emma Walcott-Wilson
Vice President: Renee Culver
Secretary:  Tiana Smith
Treasurer: Aaron Pavlowsky
Faculty Sponsor:  Bob Pavlowsky and Judith Meyer

2012-2013 saw the reactivation of the Epsilon Chapter of GTU at Missouri State University, after the organization had gone dormant for several years. A new constitution was written and approved, and the GTU charter was ratified by the student government. The chapter organized several new member recruiting events, initiated 13 new members in 2012, and an additional 7 new members in 2013. Elections were held for officers during this academic year, and officers have been selected for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Most of the chapter's time and resources were spent on the resurrection and reorganization of the chapter. However, we also helped organize and decorate for the MSU GGP departmental Christmas banquet. We held an informal movie night, where attendees had the pleasure of experiencing the silver screen classic, "Super Volcano." As the crowning achievement of the chapter's first year of existence in its current form, President Emma Walcott-Wilson organized the showing of "Switch" on Earth Day, drawing attendance of more than 300. Emma also organized a panel discussion following the film, which included several notable citizens from the area.

The Epsilon Chapter is looking forward to a big year in 2013-2014. There are several fundraising events in the works, as well as some recognition events. T-shirts are being designed for the chapter, and pamphlets have been purchased for distribution. The chapter has also secured a student lounge for the Geography students, and will be organizing and decorating the area.
The MSU chapter would like to extend our thanks to GTU for all of the assistance that has been given in our renewal efforts. We look forward to a bright future for the organization, the Epsilon Chapter, and our Missouri State graduates!


Zeta, Slippery Rock University

President: Krystal Levstek

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Stentor Danielson


Nu, Emory and Henry College

President: Carter Aylor
Vice President: Zachary Bonham
Secretary:  Matt Wilkinson
Faculty Sponsor:  Edward H. Davis

A Fall Induction Meeting was held in early September, with all 8 members attending. This is when the students planned their fall trip. This year the trip was to Niagara Falls and Toronto. The students chose to focus on urban social and economic geography, as well as planning. We discussed the changes coming to American and Canadian cities in recent years. The students raised questions about American historical forces that influenced the development and spatial patterns around cities like Pittsburgh and Buffalo, and how these differed from the situation in southern Ontario.

In November we took our trip and had a wonderful time. The students loved the geomorphology evident along the way - the Appalachian ranges, glaciation, the modern alteration for the Erie and Welland canals. We discussed the gradation in climate along our south-to-north transect. We loved central Toronto for its excellent planning, and for its wonderful ethnic neighborhoods.

In the spring semester we had two meetings, one for induction and one in April to celebrate our seniors and plan for next year. The returning students selected Chicago for the fall trip!


Omicron, Shippenburg University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tom Feeney
President: Sarah Bradley
Vice President: Alex Moats
Secretary: Amanda Henry
Treasurer: Amanda Henry
Historian: Sebrina Woodlief

List of Activities


Alpha Nu, Kent State

Faculty Sponsor: David H. Kaplan

GTU has worked primarily with the undergraduate Geography Club. We were able to induct several new members.


Alpha Xi, Valparaiso University

President: Matthew Lewitke
Vice President: Jared O'Brien
Faculty Advisor: Michael Longan

The Alpha Xi chapter of GTU held Fall and Spring initiation ceremonies each followed by refreshments. The Alpha Xi Chapter hosted a Giant Traveling Map of Indiana in the student union in an event designed to get the word out about geography to the rest of campus. The chapter renewed its recognition by the student government and has positioned itself to become more active next year.


Alpha Psi, University of Colorado at Boulder

Faculty Sponsor:  Fernando Riosmena
President:  W.F. Preston Cumming
Vice President:  Kathryn H.K. Wright

Our Chapter initiated eight new members this year, all graduate students. This represents a continued growth in membership after the re-establishment of our chapter (we have initiated about 18 new members in the past few years, a good amount relative to the 90 members initiated during the prior 50 years). We are the social arm of the graduate student representation, working with the graduate representatives in the department to help with social activities, such as Departmental picnics (one per semester); the annual holiday party; as well as happy hours (one per semester).
We also continually try to work with undergraduate membership. Our efforts have been less successful than those aimed at increasing graduate student interest, but the incoming President and current vice-president will continue working on gaining new membership and interest in GTU, promoting its positive impact on the CU Geography community.


Gamma Lambda, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

President: Andrew Schreiber
Vice President: Ben Woolf
Secretary: Elizabeth Otto
Treasurer: Andrew Sauerwin
Faculty Sponsor: Stacey R. Brown

The highlight of our chapter this academic year was participating in the Trash Bash. We had eighteen participants that helped clean trash from roadsides near the Mississippi River on March 23, 2013. This is an annual event that we will continue to participate in and it has provided us with more service opportunities with organizations like the Sierra Club. The event was featured in the campus newspaper, the Alestle and made it as a feature on the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences website for This Week in CAS. In addition to this large event, we participated in bowling for each semester's finals week. We had a strong applicant pool for December initiation and then one will take place in summer.


Gamma Nu, The University of Georgia

President: Camille Gregory
Faculty Sponsor: John A. Knox

The Gamma Nu Chapter of GTU at UGA initiated initiate new members on April 22, 2013 at our department's annual Awards Ceremony.


Gamma Psi, Kutztown University

President: Shaye Witman
Vice President: Sarah Holmes
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard S. Courtney

Gamma Psi inducted nine outstanding students on May 10, 2013 and partnered with the Kutztown University Geographical Society to sponsor two Geography Bowl events.


Iota Phi, University of Florida

President: Hannah Herrero
Vice President: Jessy Van Horn
Secretary: Tyler McCann
Treasurer: Allison Goldberg
Historian: Xhulio Binjaku
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Joann Mossa

The Iota Phi chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) of the University of Florida worked with Geography Student Organization (GSO) to educate our community about the Earth. This year we put on the One Million Bones Project twice, once in Fall and the other in Spring. This project raises awareness of genocide and allows people to get involved by having them make a clay bone that later will be sent to the National Mall in D.C. to be put on display. To start, our chapter felt that the project needed more publicity, so we decided to paint a community landmark, the 34th Street Wall. This wall is always covered in graffiti from university organizations that are trying to raise attention about events. A few of our members painted a large bone with all the information of the event so any passing people would know. As a result of the painting and other publicity through Facebook, we had a very successful turnout, supplying the project with over 500 bones at the end.

GTU and GSO members also volunteered at a local elementary school, J.J. Finley. We taught the students about watersheds, mapping watersheds, and other geophysical processes that affect the topography. Another event that our chapter often participates in is the Keep America Beautiful's Great American Cleanup where we are given a street to clear of any trash. As a group, we also get together for smaller occasions like the Paynes Prairie 5K and activity days at Lake Wauberg and other local hot spots.

Iota Phi and GSO work together to support University of Florida's geography program. All of our members are close and willing to share their knowledge to assist other geography students. We welcome all new members, regardless if geography is their main focus or not. For this year's induction we decided to have it catered, making it a relaxed and friendly environment, allowing our new members to get to know everyone. The Iota Phi chapter is not just a group of geographers, but a family of students and faculty that are striving for more knowledge and better tomorrow.


Kappa Gamma, Stephen F. Austin State University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. William Forbes

The Kappa Gamma chapter inducted two new members.


Kappa Upsilon, Texas State University - San Marcos

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Earl
President: Kimberly Tanner
Vice President: Carmen Brysch
Secretary: Laura Engells
Treasurer: Kimberly Tanner
Historian: Camron Barati

The Kappa Upsilon Chapter at Texas State University was very active during the 2012-2013 academic year. Here are some of our events and activities:


Delta Mu, University of Mary Washington

Faculty Sponsor: Dawn Bowen
President: Ana Bice
Vice President: Ethan Bottone

The Deta Mu chapter organized the annual Geography Department Symposium. With the Geography club they also coordinated several Geography Awareness Week Activities, including a Trivia Table, Photo Competition, and geocaching.


Epsilon Delta, West Liberty State College

President: Jeremy Eloi
Vice President: Tim Triveri
Secretary: Tucker Wilkinson
Treasurer: Michael Lucero
Historian: Andrew Lesnansky
Faculty Sponsor: Aron Massey

This academic year saw significant increases in both the number of eligible students at West Liberty and number of inducted members. New methods of tracking student data from the University Registrar's office should increase our membership and ensure that all eligible students receive GTU invitations. Thirteen students were eligible and seven new members were inducted. New members, alumni and faculty attended a fantastic outdoor ceremony at the conclusion of the spring semester. The majority of our members have another year until graduation so we look forward to planning events on campus for 2013-2014 including speakers and social events.


Epilson Kappa, Macalester College

Faculty Sponsor: David A Lanegran
President: Agata Miszczyk
Vice President: Lora Hlavsa

Twelve members served as judges of the Minnesota Geographers Fair. The Fair is an event for elementary and middle school student to exhibit project created in their geography classes. It is sponsored by the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education and the Science Museum of Minnesota where it is held.

Members held geography trivia contests in the student union during Geography Awareness week.
The chapter went on a field trip to the visit special collection of historic maps and books written between 1450 and 1800 in the James Ford Bell Library of the University of Minnesota.

Three members worked with boys from a local Cub Scout on their Geography Belt Loop requirements.

The Presidents Co-Chair the Midwest Undergraduate Geography Symposium. Students from 6 colleges presented a total of 50 papers and posters at this event. The also hosted a GTU/NCGE visiting Scholar Owen Furuseth who gave the Symposium Keynote Address.

Five members presented research papers at the Los Angles Meeting of the AAG.

Four members presented research papers at the Meeting the West Lakes Division of the AAG.


Zeta Zeta, Texas A&M University

Faculty Sponsor: R S Bednarz

New members were welcomed at an initiation dinner at a local restaurant. In addition to initiates, the dinner was attended by the Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs, the Geography Dept. Head, and the chapter sponsor.


Zeta Xi, University of Toledo

President: Elyse Osterday (2012-2013), Winston Chester 2013-2014)
Vice President Lance Dasher
Secretary: Chad Wilson
Treasurer: James Marok
Historian: Kimberly Panozzo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Beth Schlemper

The Zeta Xi Chapter of GTU engaged in a number of outreach activities, social events, and professional development opportunities. This year the officers created an "open mike" forum for the GTU meetings to encourage greater student and faculty participation in the organization. For each meeting, a student volunteered to discuss either an internship completed, travel experience, or their research interests. Internships included the National Geographic Society, The Toledo Design Center, and the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, while others students presented on research in Arctic Russia, Central America, and kayaking. In regards to social events, we had two movie nights, a potluck dinner, and two rounds of Geopardy in association with our GTU initiation ceremonies. For outreach and professional developments, students engaged in "Clean Your Streams," cleaning a stretch of the Ottawa River that runs through campus and eventually to Lake Erie, and won a second place award in the process. During Geography Awareness Week, the club reserved a table at the main entrance of the Student Union on campus, where we handed out flyers about geography and sold beachball and stressball globes. Finally, we hosted an Alumni Career Day with four alumni panelists representing a variety of careers in business, government and nonprofit organizations. It was well-attended by geography and non-geography undergraduate and graduate students, and was followed by an informal reception where students could engage with the alumni individually.

During Geography Awareness Week, the club reserved a table at the main entrance of the Student Union on campus, where we handed out flyers about geography and sold beachball and stressball globes. Finally, we hosted an Alumni Career Day with four alumni panelists representing a variety of careers in business, government and nonprofit organizations. It was well-attended by geography and non-geography undergraduate and graduate students, and was followed by an informal reception where students could engage with the alumni individually.


Zeta Pi, Utah State University

Faculty Sponsor: Claudia Radel

We inducted one master's student and one undergraduate student


Zeta Upsilon, University of Arizona

President: Michelle Coe
Vice President: Amelia Richy
Treasurer: Anne Ranek
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Yool

This year we have focused on recruiting undergraduate students to attend the AAG in Los Angeles. For almost six months 9 undergraduate students prepared for the conference. We did a work shop on how to create a poster presentation, and how to sign up for volunteering at the AAG. One of our chapter members won a poster prize.

We also continued our outreach with Manzo Elementary school, some of the tasks has been installing rainwater harvesting barrels, teaching ecology, camping trips etc.

We recruited many new students this year, and many have graduated this year.


Zeta Chi, Old Dominion University

Faculty Sponsors: Hua Liu and Tim Kidd

We organized annual GIS Day on campus in November 2012.


Eta Alpha, University of Vermong

President: Sarah Gallalee
Vice President: Mia Payraudeau
Secretary:  Ashley Taylor
Treasurer:  Oakley Clark
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux

Twenty-one undergraduates who fulfilled the GTU selection criteria were invited to join the Eta Alpha chapter in October 2012. Ten accepted the invitation and were initiated at a special luncheon in their honor during Geography Awareness week in November 2012.

At the Geography Department's annual Appreciation Banquet on 18 April, 2013, 16 graduating GTU seniors were presented with their GTU cords. The Outstanding Senior awards went to two GTU officers (Sarah Gallalee and Oakley Clark) and three of the four Globe awards (for either academic excellence or service to the department) presented by the Department during this Banquet were won by graduating GTU seniors.


Eta Chi, Northern Michigan University

Co-Presidents: Lauren Bos and Libby Woodford
Vice President: Samantha Hasek
Secretary: Audrey Elzerman
Treasurer: Dorothy Feltner (F12); Landen Tetil (W13)
Historian: Adam Magnusen
Faculty Sponsor: Susy Ziegler

Northern Michigan University's Eta Chi Chapter of GTU was very active during the 2012–13 academic year.  Eleven new GTU members were initiated into Eta Chi during Fall 2012, and ten new GTU members joined in Winter 2013.  The enthusiasm of our student leaders helped carry the group's momentum forward from last year's rebuilding phase. 

A highlight of September was a field trip with Dr. Ziegler and five GTU members to tour the farm of a fellow GTU member.  John Frye explained to us his plans for sustainable agriculture at his 20-acre farm.  GTU member Emily Mydlowski interviewed John following the field trip, and a feature prepared from that interview is available at

GTU hosted a "Graduate School Interest Night" in September to help students think about whether graduate school was in their futures and if so then what they could do to prepare.  Three faculty members served on a panel for this informational session. 

Our GTU co-President Libby Woodford presented her research at the West Lakes Meeting of the Association of American Geographers.  Libby was the EEGS Department's Outstanding Graduating Senior (see

In February it was exciting to assist with the two-day Community Forum on Conservation and Local Sustainability that faculty members of the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Geographical Sciences organized and hosted.  Dr. Curt Meine from the Aldo Leopold Foundation in Wisconsin was our keynote speaker on the first evening of the forum.  The next morning we screened A Green Fire, a documentary about Aldo Leopold, and that movie was followed by comments from panelists and discussion with the Marquette community.  GTU members greeted guests as they arrived, handed out programs, took photographs, and participated in the sessions and conversation.

A GTU initiation ceremony and dinner in March convened many new and old GTU members and faculty for pleasant conversation and celebration.  We liked the ambiance of the new venue and would like to return next year with new initiates.

The GTU leaders organized an evening trip to a nearby waterfall for the Upper Peninsula's Waterfall Week.  They also led a snowshoeing trip and hosted two pre-exam potluck dinners and movie/game nights to relieve stress before finals. 

We plan to carry Eta Chi's momentum forward into the fall, and in October will host Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins through the Visiting Geographical Scientist Program.  We hope to participate in a joint event with members of the new GTU chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  We will try to increase the visibility of Eta Chi GTU through a website or social media.


Eta Lambda, Villanova University

President: Dr. Keith Henderson
Vice President:
Secretary: Jeremy Menninger
Treasurer: Emily Tobia
Historian: Colin Bakey
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Francis A. Galgano

During the 2013, the Eta Lambda Chapter sponsored a series of academic talks.  On 9 October, we jointly sponsored, along with the Geographical Society of Philadelphia ( titled The Drone War Over Western Pakistan, A Discussion of Effective Sovereignty Doctrine.  A University–wide audience attended the presentation given by Dr. Francis Galgano.  On 25 October, the chapter sponsored a presentation titled, When Natural Disasters Affect Millions, How Catholic Relief Services Responded to the Pakistani Floods of 2009–2012.  Mr. jack Byrne, former CRS Country Representative for Pakistan, gave the presentation.  On 4 April 2013, the Chapter jointly sponsored (with the Geographical Society of Philadelphia) a climate change panel session.

The department conducted a graduate school panel on 7 February 2013; the Chapter sponsored this event as well.  The panel was designed to inform our majors about various approaches to selecting a graduate program and other information about attending graduate school.  The panel was made up of three former majors, who are currently in masters/Ph.D. programs.


Eta Pi, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Renault

The Eta Pi chapter initiated four new GTU members.


Theta Alpha, Portland State University

Faculty Sponsor: Teresa Bulman

Theta Alpha initiated 23 new members. Our chapter has been dormant for years, so this was a start-up year for us.


Theta Gamma, James Madison University

President: Braden Pierson
Vice President: Gabriela Fleury
Secretary: Helen White
Treasurer: Leeanne Jackson
Historian: Bradley Andrick
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Helmut Kraenzle

The Theta Gamma Chapter of GTU engaged in the following activities


Theta Xi, West Virginia University

President: Amber McCloskey
Faculty Sponsor: Timothy Warner

An initiation for new members of the Theta Xi chapter was held on the evening of November 29 2011 for 4 new members, with remarks presented at the event by the Department Chair, Dr. Steve Kite.  For activities, the Theta Xi chapter collaborated with the WVU Geography Club their joint events, including working on a red-spruce restoration project and funding activities in the department.


Lambda Zeta, Wayne State College

President: Matthew Alexander
Vice President: Patricia Thares
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randy Bertolas

For our Geography Awareness Week activity, Lambda Zeta chapter sponsored the Second Annual Geography Bowl on campus. Eight teams of three students each competed in a single elimination format to determine a champion. Raffle drawings were held between rounds and a variety of donated items were given away. Well over 100 persons were in attendance and the room was rocking. The event was billed as The Fastest 90 Minutes on Campus.

Our GTU chapter held two initiation ceremonies this past academic year, with three new members coming aboard in November 2012 and seven new members taking the pledge in April 2013.

Lambda Zeta sponsored two speakers during the Spring 2013 semester. Our GTU chapter brought in Mr. Tom Casady, Lincoln Director of Public Safety, to talk about Crime Mapping and the use of GIS in presenting crime data. Our chapter also sponsored Dr. Michael Peterson, professor of geography at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, who gave a very well-received presentation entitled, "Mapping in the Cloud: The New World of Maps and the Internet."


Lambda Upsilon, Grand Rapids Community College

Faculty Sponsor: DeVivo, Ph.D., Professor of Geography
President: Alyson Mabie
Vice President: Kara Apodaca
Secretary: Nicole Arce

The Lambda Upsilon Chapter continued to work tirelessly throughout the academic year to advance Geography and engage in humanitarian service. Continuing an effort devoted to supporting the education of girls and women in Africa, chapter members raised funds through the sales of calendars, t-shirts (designed by Heather Pribble), and jewelry for CAMFED ( It was for this effort that each member received the Global Citizenship Award at the college-wide student leadership banquet.

Moreover, led by the chapter's president, Alyson Mabie, GTU students organized a community forum at the GRCC Annual Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Conference on Hispanic education in western Michigan, which was broadcast by the institution. Also broadcast was an interview with the 2013 Visiting Geographical Scientist, Dr. Rebecca Sheehan, Associate Professor of Geography at Oklahoma State University ( Dr. Sheehan discussed much about the stellar academic geographers who served as her mentors, and she commented on her fieldwork in New Orleans. This was complemented by her seminar on qualitative methods at Aquinas College and her distinguished lecture on Jackson Square in New Orleans at the GRCC conference. All presentations received favorable reviews.

Lambda Upsilon members also took part in a California field trip. Exploration of the Owens River Valley on the eastern side of the Sierras enhanced understanding of water resources issues in California, which had been learned in the Geography classroom. Hiking through Sequoia groves in Yosemite offered perspectives on resource management and fire ecology. Navigating San Francisco's Chinatown and North Beach communities provided an excellent perspective on immigration and ethnic identity in the urban West.

While participating in the annual meeting of the California Geographical Society in San Luis Obispo, field trips devoted to the geography of viticulture and wine in Paso Robles and the Edna Valley took place, which facilitated everyone's knowledge about the relationship between the natural environment and matters enological. Additionally, Alyson Mabie and Nicole Arce presented a paper at the conference, which offered suggestions on how GTU chapters can host forums relating to sparking community dialogue on sensitive issues such as immigration, ethnicity, and education.

Essentially, the 2012-2013 academic year proved to be little different from previous years, for the Lambda Upsilon chapter accomplished much through scholarship, field study, and humanitarian service. Their work has been excellent and Geography is a better discipline because of their efforts.


Lambda Psi, Ohio Northern University

Faculty Sponsor: Harry J. Wilson

We took great pleasure in ducting four exceptional student scholars into Gamma Theta Upsilon this academic year.


Mu Alpha, DePaul University

President: Mike Jersha
Vice President: Bridget Newsham
Secretary: Lauren Barnes
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Euan Hague

This past year our chapter hosted two different alumni meet and greet functions wherein students are able to hear a presentation on the working lives of past students as well as real world insight into getting on certain career paths. Both of our presenters, one of whom was a founder member of our Mu Alpha chapter (Madison Stolzer), have offered to return for the next academic year and/or per request of students via phone or email.

We have also started, alongside a partner student group of geographers, a blog where students can write about any geographic issue of their interest. It has allowed for an expressive freedom of discourse aimed to help geographers become aware of themes, motifs, and patterns within their geographical inquires so as to form a cohesive, focused, and centered research method.

We hold weekly meetings for students to come and submit ideas for the organization and ways of brining geography to the minds of everyone. It is complimented with a partnering social media page where geographic articles, maps, and links to website of interested that anyone can easily go on and view and get a feel for the purpose of the organization.

During out University's involvement fair, we set up a booth to inform others of the Geography program, our GTU chapter, and encouraged geographic thought with a mapping activity. There was also a mini-party in February for the NASA Landsat launch where we all watched it on the TV and spoke about remote sensing and satellite imagery.

Lastly, we hosted two different guest speakers that came in to discuss their research in academia. Their research focuses vary greatly, but that diversity allowed a range of interested parties to come together with similar critical thoughts, all coming back to the geographical lens that both of the presenters' view the world.

Altogether this past year aimed at connecting students with their potential future career and/or academic paths, as well as promoted the use of geography for all individuals interested, not limited to those within the major. The visibility of the department and coinciding use and value of geography became more powerful as a result and geographic research and familiarity has also increased.

Many GTU members attended the West Lakes/East Lakes Regional AAG conference at Northern Illinois University in October 2012, the majority of whom presented original independent papers or posters.

In March, GTU at DePaul also collaborated with the DePaul Geography Student Association by hosting speakers that contributed to AREA Chicago magazine issue that focusing on "Housing Matters" that looked into local Chicago urban housing issues.


Mu Delta, University of Richmond

President: Celia Landesber
Faculty Sponsor: David S. Salisbury

The Mu Delta chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon of the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Richmond remains young. In this third year of existence, the Mu Delta chapter is made up of 9 members. Due to our relatively new major, small size, and high percentage of students studying abroad in their junior year, we have only one officer, a President. However, this is the first year we have had student leadership so we like where we are headed. To date our activities in 2012-13 have consisted only in an induction ceremony and celebration, as we work towards incorporating the chapter in our University system of student organizations.


Mu Eta, Mississippi State

President: Toby Gray
Vice President:
Secretary: Kit Posadas
Treasurer: Amelia Fox
Faculty Sponsor: Kathleen Sherman-Morris

The club began the fall semester with a welcome lunch for new graduate students. We were aware of several incoming graduate students who were GTU members at their undergraduate schools and wanted them to feel welcomed into Mu Eta chapter. One new graduate student became a member. The club also did another successful Geoscience polo shirt fundraiser. This year they decided to advertise the shirts to distance learning students and ship them. This fundraiser made $80. A nature walk was scheduled at the Noxubee Refuge. Toby Gray led the walk and identified native plant species. Five new members were inducted into the Mu Eta chapter in November followed by dinner in December at Umi. The last fall activity was a movie night. The club chose The Day After Tomorrow to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar. In February another movie night/potluck was held. Unfortunately, the Geography Quiz Bowl that the club had planned for the spring did not happen. Members got too busy and it was put off until next year. The year concluded with a meeting to plan activities for the following school year. Once again, a top priority is to grow awareness and increase the membership. The group especially needs to increase the number of students who are active participants. Active participation was a bit less in 12-13 than in 11-12.


Mu Kappa, Hofstra University

Mu Kappa organized two induction ceremonies this year. On November 14, 2012, seven new members were inducted: six Hofstra students and one Hofstra professor. The ceremony was held in the lounge of the Department of Global Studies and Geography, 209 Roosevelt. A keynote speech on the importance of Geography was given by Dr. Grant Saff, who holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Rutgers University and who has taught Geography at Hofstra University for over 20 years.

On May 9, 2013, nine new members were inducted: eight Hofstra students and one Hofstra professor. A keynote speech on different uses of geographic knowledge was given by Dr. Christopher Niedt, who holds a Ph.D. in Geography from University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Niedt is the academic director of the National Center for Suburban Studies, as well as an assistant professor in the Sociology department. Mu Kappa member Melanie Martha was awarded a GTU award for excellence in Geography for her honors thesis titled "Tourism and the Galápagos Islands: Examining the Relationship between Ecotourism and the Local Population", for which she conducted fieldwork on the Galápagos Islands during the summer of 2012.


Mu Lambda, University of Colorado, Denver

President: Qwyla Foutch
Vice President: Claire Brewer
Secretary: Thomas Horner
Treasurer: Caitlin Reusch
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Casey D. Allen

In its second year, the Mu Lambda Chapter hosted a few events. The most noteworthy, perhaps, is the Career Symposium open to the Auraria tri-campus community (Auraria a houses UC Denver, Metropolitan State University, and Community College of Denver). The panel discussion consisted of a dozen high-profile VIPs from various companies along the Front Range, including two UCD alums: one working for the USGS and one working for a private air quality firm. Also among the panelists was the CIO for GeoEye, URISA, and Joseph Kerski from ESRI. In total, over 100 students attended!

In addition at CU Denver's Fall Fest and Spring Fling volunteers staffed tables with interactive displays, baked goods, and explanatory lectures of what geography is, what majors can do, and the exciting opportunities offered by the department!


Mu Nu, Normandale Community College

President: Amanda Freiborg
Faculty Sponsor: Douglas Claycomb

We held our induction ceremony in the Fall, inducting two new members. One of them immediately graduated and we were left with only one member (our president) who graduated in the Spring. GTU is proving to be an accolade bestowed upon select students as they depart.  That is the nature of GTU at a community college.  


Mu Rho, Owens Community College

Faculty Sponsor: L. Scott Deaner

The highlight of the Mu Rho chapter's year was our beginning. We received our charter and had our first induction ceremony on April 24, 2013. The Provost, Associate Vice Provost of Academic Services, and Dean of Arts & Sciences were in attendance in addition to inductees and their guests.


Mu Tau, Concordia University

President: Ryan Baney
Vice President: Ruth Krc
Secretary: Lauren Aufdembrink
Treasurer: Garrett Golke
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Joel W. Helmer

Our chapter, Mu Tau, officially began with the initiation of our inaugural class of 11 students on May 7, 2013.



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