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Chapter Activity Reports 2016-2017

This year more than sixty Gamma Theta Upsilon chapters submitted reports highlighting their myriad activities.  Browse the condensed versions of the annual reports and be amazed by the creative ways in which GTU chapters are promoting geography.  The summaries are organized in alphabetical order by chapter name.

Thank you chapter sponsors and GTU members for reaching out to other students on campus with tutoring help, touching the lives of youngsters with geocaching adventures, launching recycling programs, hosting documentaries and discussions, networking with alumni, and spreading geographical knowledge at regional and national conferences.  Several chapters have blossomed by partnering with other student organizations to co-sponsor events.  Adopt an idea or two from the great selection in these chapter reports.

Remember that celebrating Geography Awareness Week on November 12–18 is great excuse for GTU chapters to host community events related to this year's theme, Civil Rights.  Find more ideas to prepare for Geography Awareness Week at  Be sure to keep track of your chapter's accomplishments so that you will be ready to submit your next annual report before the June 15th deadline.  I look forward to gathering and reading your chapter reports, as they continue to demonstrate your enthusiasm and creativity with which you have promoted geography.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Jimmy Wilson
Second Vice President
Gamma Theta Upsilon


See chapter reports from previous years


Chi, Oklahoma State University

The biggest highlight for the 2016 academic year is that we were reinstated as an active chapter! Our tax-exempt status was reconfirmed and we initiated 13 students during the Fall semester! Students were so excited to have this as an opportunity again. We also started two new annual tournaments that pitted faculty against students. In the Fall semester, there was a bowling tournament and the students won the tournament. Since this was the first event, only one team of students competed against one team of faculty, but I believe this will change moving forward. For extra incentive for students and faculty, we got a bowling pin to serve as the trophy, which will showcase the winning team and the year, that will be displayed in the department hallway. We also participated in a trash clean-up along the Mississippi River in October. During Geography Awareness Week, we had a local tea store owner present Geography of Tea with a slideshow presentation along with a tea tasting. The event was attended by students, staff, and the general public! It was a wonderful event that showed the importance of physical landscape and weather along with human capacity. During the spring semester, we initiated 4 students and held a ping-pong tournament. The students won again! The faculty will be more competitive this coming academic year. All in all it was a great year due to our reinstatement and we cannot wait to have more events and more initiates this coming academic year!

Lambda, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

GTU members make important contributions to the discipline of Geography, to the SIU Department of Geography & Environmental Resources, and to the interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Minor.  GTU is closely linked to Geography Club, and all members are excellent representatives of Geography on campus and across the local/regional community. GTU and Geography Club participants put in many hundreds of volunteer hours to help clean up and beautify the community. Overall in 2016-2017, the Lambda GTU members participated in an amazing number of environmental activities, including: Keep Carbondale Beautiful Clean Up on Highway 13, Polar Bear Clean Up, Pyles Fork Preserve/Attucks Park Workday, Invasive species and trail work for Pyles Fork (Green Earth, Inc.), Monthly Pyles Fork Clean Up, Local hikes, Keep Carbondale Beautiful Clean Up Day, The "Big Event" KCB clean-up.

Mu, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Initiated our first member in over a decade this fall.

Nu, Emory and Henry College

We sponsored a Student Field Trip to Toronto, Canada, November 3-6, 2016, where we toured ethnic neighborhoods, and along the route also visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's ethnic neighborhoods, and seeing Niagara Falls at night (the Canadian side!). Dr. Davis led, but much organizing was done by our GTU officers. A fun and educational time was had by all.

We created a poster for National Geography Awareness Week (November 2016), and used it plus other items to create a large library display on campus.

We held a tasty induction dinner on April 20th, 2017, at famous locavore Harvest Table Restaurant, where we all discussed geography career options, and graduate school possibilities.

Alpha Phi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Alpha Xi, Valparaiso University

Geography Bowl - The geography bowl was held in conjunction with both GTU and the university's geography club. This geography bowl was an important activity because it allowed a better understanding of place and space and presented it in a contest format. Both members of the geography club and GTU were involved in this activity and collected donations to provide towards participants of the contest.

Textbooks for Africa - Towards the end of the semester, several collection bins were laid out in the Valparaiso University Harre Union. Several books were collected from a variety of subjects ranging from business to mathematics that will soon be donated to the organization.

Calumet Heritage Conference Hike - After listening to several proposals to name the northwest Indiana region a heritage site and to preserve and help clean up much of the region, a hike was led by several GTU members. This hike was held throughout the Dunes and allowed an interaction between nature and the hikers in a geographically and biologically unique region. This was a particularly interesting activity because the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has a variety of environments separated by ecotone areas. Members of GTU were able to explain the various organisms and geoscientific processes that shaped the region, providing an educational experience at this unique environment.

Beta Iota, East Carolina University

Our GTU chapter and the Department's GeoClub and AMS Chapter undertake projects and activities together. All were involved in promoting the Department at various university student club open houses. GTU and GeoClub also volunteered with several non-profit organizations in Greenville during the academic year.

Beta Phi, University of Maryland

This past academic year our chapter hosted a wide array of events to experience geography and share it with others. We started off the fall semester at the campus wide First Look Fair to recruit new members and share our semester schedule with current members. In the fall semester we hosted geocaching, kayaking, and a hike at great falls. We also participated in the department's GIS Day Mapathon, and hosted a Trivia night during our GTU Induction. This year we inducted 13 new members into our Beta Phi chapter.

During the spring semester we participated in the campus wide StampFest for recruitment and shared information on the geography club tee fundraiser. We hosted a career panel with EQR, Peace Corps, and the UMD GIS Masters Program for students to learn more about after college opportunities. We also hosted a table at the Alpha Phi Omega Sarah Hancock Day of Play to teach homeless kids in the DC area about geography. The event included GTU members playing geography trivia with youth and our school's mascot, Testudo. As a YouthMappers affiliate we hosted three mapathons to participate in the Let Girls Map campaign and teach students on campus about mapping through Open Street Map. On Maryland Day we partnered with Moovit, the number one transit app, to do a mapathon to celebrate our campus and state. The event was filmed by MTVu and we were able to add the entire University Shuttle-UM system to the transportation app. We wrapped up the semester with a small reception for our members with food, reviewing our past events, and planning for the next year.

Beta Psi, Kansas State University

The Beta Psi chapter had a busy academic year. The K-State Chapter hosted 21 separate events and inducted 10 new members. The chapter held several social events including two separate camping events at a local state park, a winter potluck, and a student chili cook-off. Beta Psi's activities went beyond just food, the chapter also sold K-State Geography T-Shirts. The T-Shirts were designed by undergraduate member and sold quite well. The group also sold cans of cold soft drinks to some variety in choice on a 'Pepsi' campus. In terms of service events, Beta Psi' conducted several service activities including a roadside cleanup, volunteering at the Kansas Social Studies Conference, volunteering at the Kansas Geographic Bee, and volunteering at several events concerning the local Konza Prairie. Beta Psi also had events that helped the professional development of students. In February, there was a brown bag talk given by department alumni concerning employment trends in the field of GIScience and what employers are looking for in geography graduates. Beta Psi also sponsored several lectures including those by distinguished Alumna Cheryl Blake and visiting scholar Dr. Francis Owusu. GTU's president, Matt Brooks, wrote a small grant in order to secure funds to help pay for the visit and lecture by Dr. Owusu. The chapter at K-State also helped promote Geography Awareness Week by creating posters that highlighted several national parks and sponsored a brown bag talk by City of Manhattan Park's Planner. There were ten new inductees for the 2016-2017 year, including both undergraduate and graduate students.

Delta Mu, University of Mary Washington

Annual Symposium, April 2017 - an annual day-long presentation of student research.

Delta Tau, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

For the Fall Semester. GTU worked on a few new activities related to Geography Awareness Week. First was working the Geography and Anthropology Club to host an Annual Geography Bee with nearly 60 participants. The second was also helping out with the annual GIS Day. A few meetings were held to encourage new members to join GTU for initiation in Spring. A number of members graduated and we had a small ceremony to wish them well.

For the Spring Semester, the Delta Tau Chapter increased activity from the fall. Two major activities were the GTU CERCA (University week dedicated to research) Week Celebration Breakfast. This is the 6th year GTU members provided breakfast for all Department students participating in the CERCA events for the week. Students made pancakes and other baked goods. In total about 30 people came to the breakfast (including a number of faculty). The second major event was the Initiation Ceremony. Delta Tau welcomed 12 new members. Due a generous foundation account, the Department pays the fees of all students eligible for GTU that also participate in some fashion. This ceremony was conducted in conjunction with the Department End of the Year celebration. Smaller activities for the semester included electing new members as well as planning on activities for the next year. Large goals discussed included tutoring AP Human Geography High School Students and identifying speakers to come to campus in the next academic year.

Epsilon Delta, West Liberty University

Epsilon Delta at West Liberty University inducted 6 new members in May. Highlights from this year include a sneaker drive that collected over 300 pairs of shoes for recycling and redistribution to developing regions, GTU members serving as student representatives on the University Sustainability Council, recruitment for the geography and planning major at University open house events, and an increased number of GTU members completing internships through local geographic and community planning organizations.

Epsilon Psi, Colgate University

This year, the Epsilon Psi chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon had three returning members and inducted 15 new members on October 17, 2016. The GTU initiation festivity was accompanied by
Professor Brian Godfrey, from Vassar College, who gave a lecture followed by a banquet to celebrate the new inductees. Activities of the GTU included two general meetings to discuss activities, as well as 2 geography happy hours coordinated for the Geography faculty, GTU members, and Geography students.

Eta Chi, Northern Michigan University

Eta Chi at Northern Michigan University was active every month of the school year in spite of being an inactive chapter at the international level until April. As of May 2017, all department faculty who met the qualifications for GTU membership have joined the honor society. Thanks to engaged, organized, and proactive student leaders, Eta Chi is thriving and has plans in place to carry the momentum into the fall.

Here is a sampling of activities that Eta Chi members undertook in 2016–17:

Eta Lambda, Villanova University

During the fall semester, the chapter sponsored a kayaking trip on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. The trip included an environmental orientation to redevelopment along the river front.

The chapter also sponsors our new environmental colloquium, which brings in three to four speakers each semester. This is combined graduate/undergraduate course.

Eta Kappa, Salem State University

The Eta Kappa Chapter inducted into membership 8 undergraduate students and 3 graduate students at the Department's annual Geography Day event on April 28, 2017. Over 50 people attended this ceremony. Six GTU members, including some of this year's inductees, were recognized for outstanding academic achievement and service to the community. Jennifer L. Petz was awarded the James J. Centorino Memorial Award for Superior Academic Achievement in Geography. Brianna L. Hegarty was awarded the National Council for Geographic Education for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Geography. Gerard J. Gariepy was awarded the J. Michael Ruane Award for Excellence in Digital Cartography. Joseph M. Mack was awarded the Dr. John George Memorial Award for Scholarship and Service in Geography. Mikaela M. Fairman and Jennifer L. Petz were both awarded the Dr. John George Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a Junior. Sarah Hugenberger was awarded the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in the Geo-Information Sciences. Student members were encouraged to make presentations at the NESTVAL and national AAG conferences.

Eta Psi, Louisiana State University

We initiated two new members during the 2016-2017 academic year. We are always working on recruiting more students.

Eta Theta, Auburn University

The greatest highight of the year was that the chapter was able to elect a full-slate of officers, hold regular meetings, and plan a variety of events as a result of a recent influx of new members. The premier activity of the year was a T-Shirt sales program to promote the Geography program, with the proceeds funding an end-of-year pizza party. Other activities included a game/movie night once a month, and an International Cuisine night at a local restaurant once a month. The chapter also held a Spring Cleaning Day as a departmental service activity where the members helped cleanup and redesign bulletin boards and recycle old books/journals/magazines.

Eta Zeta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This year, the Eta Zeta chapter at Virginia Tech added six new members to the roster. All six members are geography majors, while two of those members are also double majoring in political science. The faculty sponsor was also added to the membership roster. One of our members is an active leader in the VT Corps of Cadets and is being recruited into the command structure of the Corps for the upcoming 2017-18 academic year. She has participated actively in the Corps since her admission to Virginia Tech and created several maps for the Corps' use in orienteering and land navigation exercises. Our chapter hosted an informal hike where a few members participated and we visited a local waterfall at an outdoor camp close to Virginia Tech. This coincided with a large event on campus, which dampened attendance. Out members are also participants in the Geographic Society, a student run club that provides service and education projects to the community around Virginia Tech. The recruiting of new members this year was difficult because a majority of our members from last year's pool graduated and have moved onto their careers and graduate studies. Most of the recruitment this year comes from junior-level students, which will hopefully spread the word among their peers for next year's recruiting cycle. We look forward to what the next semester brings our chapter as we continue to expand among the undergraduate and graduate members of the Geography department.

Gamma Psi, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

The Gamma Psi chapter co-sponsored, with the Kutztown University Department of Geography and the KU Geographical Society, two guest speakers. In the fall, Dr. Michael Gilmore of George Mason University presented "Saving the Amazon: Indigenous mapping and conservation in the Amazon rainforest." Mr. Grant Ervin, Public Safety GIS Manager for the City of Philadelphia and a KU alum, presented in the spring. His talk involved the many ways the City of Philadelphia utilizes GIS. The talk was geared toward Geography, Criminal Justice, and Social Work majors.

At the May 4, 2017 initiation ceremony, Dr. Robert C. Ziegenfus, former faculty of the Kutztown University Department of Geography and founding member of the Gamma Psi Chapter of GTU, graciously presented to the Department the original Gamma Psi Charter of February 10, 1965. Dr. Ziegenfus had the charter beautifully framed for display in the Department Office. The members of Gamma Psi gratefully acknowledge this gift.

Gamma Upsilon, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Planned coordinated events with our other student organizations Whitewater Geography Association and WeatherHawks. Events included, bake sales, chili-cookoff, welcome back picnic, and field trips to local state parks and museums.

Iota Gamma, Northern Illinois University

This was an exciting year for Geography and Gamma Theta Upsilon at Northern Illinois University. Coming off of a large induction class (7) last year, we continued with a smaller class (3) representing a diversity of interests in Geography. This class included undergraduate students with interests in physical geography, human geography, and geospatial technologies. Our chapter also engaged in service to the department and discipline by helping to organize professional development sessions regarding conference preparation, thesis writing, and maximizing the graduate school experience.

Iota Omega, Ball State University

Iota Theta, University of Tennessee

We inducted three new members this year. We also created a Student Advisor position to begin working on ways to increase club activity.

Kappa Kappa, University of South Florida

During the 2016 to 2017 academic year our GTU chapter inducted several new members and started off the new academic year with a push for our department in the school of Geosciences at the University of South Florida to offer more geography coursework for undergraduate and graduate geography students. We sent out a survey to see what courses students wanted to see offered and sent them to our department. Since submitting this survey we have seen several previously not offered courses become available for registration in the Fall of 2017. In addition to this we hosted a community open sourced mapping event with members of GTU, as well as GIS professionals from the public, and students in the engineering departments as well. We were able to successfully recruit new members from these events, and initiatives, and are working on getting them inducted in the Fall. In addition to what we accomplished this past academic year, we also set an organized plan of action for recruitment and initiation in the fall. We also established ties with two other professional organizations within the Geoscience department at our university, to help put on a professional networking event in the fall to help introduce students to geography, environmental science, and geology professionals for potential employment upon graduation.

Kappa Lambda, St. Cloud State University

The 2016-2017 season was an exciting one here in Minnesota for Kappa Lambda chapter! We held several events this year including a camping trip to the Apostle Islands, two GTU member drives, social nights, and a three-day geography trivia booth for Geography/GIS appreciation to name a few. We also co-sponsored a speaker on Brexit and co-hosted research sessions on Minnesota through Film.  We now have a Facebook page and a twitter account as well.  Our secretary, Annaliese Heinicke took on the job of planning the Geography Department's year-end awards ceremony/reception. Niki Anderson won scholarships this year.  Niki and Angela Mundis both attended the AAG in Boston and presented posters of their research. Angela attended the Boston on-site GTU meeting as well.  Niki won 2nd place for her geography research poster at the St. Cloud State University Student Colloquium in April. Angela won 1st place for her geography research oral presentation at the St. Cloud State University Student Colloquium.  Angela also gave this year's graduation student commencement speech and was proud to represent the Department of Geography and Planning, Geography Club and Gamma Theta Upsilon in her success!  Our GTU membership continue to grow. We pinned two new members this year. The future looks bright for Kappa Lambda!

Kappa Upsilon, Texas State University-San Marcos

Many of our events at Texas State University include a diverse range of activities and volunteering opportunities. For the fall semester, the Gamma Theta Upsilon chapter participated in a fossil hunt where members collected fossils in a dry river bed. Members also participated in two Bobcat Days, where they showcase what the geography department had to offer to potential college students. Finally, members participated in a high school college fair in San Antonio. Several members and professors helped high school students understand the importance of geography, how our department operated, and the various opportunities we have to offer. For the spring semester, members were able to partake in many different volunteering events. Gamma Theta Upsilon contributed to the Great River Clean Up that the city of San Marcos holds every year. The clean-up involves a city wide effort in reducing the amount of litter in order to protect and preserve the area. Many members were able to assume leadership positions and help coordinate the cleaning effort. Several members were involved with Bobcat Build, where students help San Marcos residents with a variety of tasks. Members also participated in TXGSRS which is a local conference held at Texas State University. Members volunteered to help with the logistical tasks that are involved with the conference. Similar to the fall semester, students volunteered for Bobcat Days, encouraging and informing incoming or potential college students. Gamma Theta Upsilon worked with the Society of Geographic Information Sciences to help out with GIS Day; which consisted of many organizational booths and presentations of anything relating to GIS. Finally, members were able to participate in the Alumni reunion that the Geography Department holds every year.

Kappa Zeta, University of Northern Colorado

This year we initiated 10 new members. We held an off-campus dinner which was attended by past GTU initiates and current faculty.

Lambda Phi, Millersville University

The Lambda Phi chapter at Millersville University welcomed 7 new members during our annual spring GTU luncheon and induction ceremony.

Lambda Upsilon, Grand Rapids Community College

The Lambda Upsilon chapter at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) plays an important role in the institution's Geography program: Throughout the 2016/2017 academic year, the chapter carried out an active agenda in research and service.
It is striking that research conducted by Lambda Upsilon members show how geography students can make a direct contribution to society while also advancing the geographic discipline. For example, their studies in food and housing insecurity among American community college students across the US were noted by members of the Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees for lending insight into ways policies can be developed to address the difficulties faced by college students.

April Shirey, the Lambda Upsilon President, continued to examine this issue throughout the year. Her paper, "Food and Housing Insecurities in Michigan Community Colleges: What can Geography Students Do?" was written in collaboration with (former Lambda Upsilon President) Stacey Murphy and presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers in Boston. While taking part in the conference, a field trip took place devoted to exploring historic Salem and the fishing community of Gloucester, as well as Boston's emerging wine industry. During the awards luncheon, April was awarded the 2017 AAG Community College Travel Grant.

April also received the prestigious Hruby Scholarship from Aquinas College, as well as the Lambda Upsilon Leadership Award, and her second Lambda Upsilon awards for academic service and global citizenship. Kara Jueckstock, the chapter Vice-President, was also awarded Lambda Upsilon Academic Service and Global Citizenship Awards.

For the seventh consecutive year, Lambda Upsilon was awarded funding from the GRCC Office of Student Life for participation in the annual meeting of the California Geographical Society. At the 2017 conference in El Cajon, Kara Jueckstock presented a paper titled: "Cruise Tourism in the Caribbean: A Blessing or a Curse?" She examined the environmental ramifications and uneven economic impacts of this activity and offered suggestions for the reduction of pollution and amelioration of inequities in island economies growing increasingly reliant on cruise tourism. While participating in the conference, Kara took part in field trips exploring the cultural geography of San Diego's Barrio Logan and the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as the natural environment of the coastal region.

For the ninth consecutive year, GRCC's GTU chapter sponsored a Visiting Geographical Scientist. Karen Culcasi, Associate Professor of Geography at West Virginia University, delivered a lecture before 140 members of the GRCC student body, faculty, academic staff, and local community titled: The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Syrian Women Refugees in Jordan Dr. Culcasi also visited Aquinas College and she was interviewed for the Conversation with a Geographer oral history series (

Mu Kappa, Hofstra University

In the fall semester of 2016 Mu Kappa organized the annual Geography Awareness Week (November 16-20), where we had an African diversity dinner, a guest talk on "The Emergent National Security Landscape: The New Strategic Polarization of the World" by Professor Francis Galgano from Villanova University with a luncheon afterwards where invited students and faculty could talk with the speaker, and a student photo contest titled "Debating/voting/dissenting; civically engaging in 2016" inspired by the presidential debate experience at Hofstra and the overall election experience. The winner of the photo contest was announced at our department's end-of-semester party on December 8, 2016. See details of the events listed below. Three Mu Kappa student members presented posters at the AAG in Boston, in April 2017. On April 26, 2016, we organized the annual initiation ceremony where 17 new members (14 students and three faculty) were initiated. The ceremony was held as a luncheon at the University Club. The event was attended by both new and old members of Mu Kappa, along with Global Studies and Geography faculty and staff. Keynote speaker, Dr. Marianna Pavlovskaya, a professor at Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, gave a presentation on "Geography That Matters: Place-Making Potential of Credit Unions in New York City." She highlighted the unique qualities of credit unions (employment, ethnic, and religious oriented) and mapped them to show the various concentrations of branches as they related to the socio-economic neighborhoods in which they were located. Associate Professor Kari Jensen and Adjunct Assistant Professor Veronica Lippencott serve as president and vice president, respectively, of Mu Kappa, and they initiated this year's new members of Mu Kappa. Mu Kappa secretary and student member Sabrina Clarke designed the printed program for the event, and department administrator, Jackie Geis helped with the logistics.

Mu Rho, Owens Community College

Mu Rho chapter had a fruitful year at Owens Community College. We broke our 2015-2016 record of 10 eligible students with 14 eligible students for the 2016-2017 academic year. Three students chose to join. The three new members were inducted at a April 18 luncheon held in conjunction with our college's chapter of Psi Beta Psychology honor society. Two of our new members will be graduating this Spring semester and another will graduate in Fall. This is typical of our chapter. Once students have fulfilled the requirements of membership, they are typically ready to graduate and transfer to a 4-year college or university. One of our new members, along with the Mu Rho faculty advisor, attended the Geography Career Day at the University of Toledo where he plans to transfer.

Mu Upsilon, Kennesaw State University

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the chapter held two meetings—one in the fall, the other in spring. At each of those general meetings the chapter's Constitution was not changed. During the spring term (2017), three new students were initiated. Our chapter is looking forward to the future and to working with the Geography Club on various initiatives and events and with Geography Awareness Week in November. Mu Upsilon will have more opportunities to increase our chapter's presence by promoting events such as: Kennesaw State's "Year of" series where various departments on campus hold classes and lectures promoting and educating our students about places' history, culture, and current topics of particular geographic place; geocaching events; Geography Awareness Week events; local hikes and field trips; and our annual GIS night at a local brewery that occurs during Geography Awareness Week.

Theta Gamma, James Madison University

Theta Iota, Ohio University

We revived our chapter after it went dormant for a couple of years. We were able to recruit an induct 14 new members to the Theta Iota Chapter. We had a nice induction ceremony in mid-February of 2017.

Theta Sigma, Humboldt State University

During the academic year 2016-2017 we revived our chapter after a few years of inactivity. We kind of scrambled to put it together last minute but in the end had 8 students who qualified for the GTU. Students were awarded at our end of the year BBQ. We expect a more consistent effort next year with a couple events.

Theta Tau, University of Montana

On April 5 2017, 12 Geography students were inducted to the Theta Tau Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon. Previously and recently inducted students were very active in Geography Club events, including several field trips, Geography Awareness Week outreach in Fall 2016, and other UM outreach. In collaboration with the Montana Geographic Alliance, there were several outreach activities to schools involving the Giant Map.

Zeta Chi, University of Toledo

Gamma Theta Upsilon, Zeta Xi chapter had three initiates during the 2016-2017 academic year. Members participated in the annual Clean Your Streams event in September, when they helped with clean-up of the Ottawa River that flows into Lake Erie. Social/educational events included visiting the Great Lakes Museum and the Toledo Art Museum. During the spring semester, the Department organized a career day with four panels of alumni, including recent alumni, senior professionals, preparing for jobs in business, government, and nonprofit, and preparing for jobs in academia. Panelists reflected a range of career issues, especially how their experiences as undergraduate and/or graduate students prepared them for their careers, and how they found their first jobs and subsequent positions. More senior panelists also discussed what skills and abilities they look for in hiring new graduates. GTU members compiled a list of potential questions to ask the panelists, and they hosted a reception for the panelists, current students, faculty, and staff. A favorite activity among students was the bi-annual Geopardy competition, which includes geopardy, double geopardy, and final geopardy rounds with "answers" that are often tailored towards the students' interests and countries of origin. It is fun, educational, and there are prizes! Regular meetings provided opportunities for students to practice presentations for professional meetings, report on internships, talk about recent trips, discuss their research projects, and other activities.

Zeta Theta, Northwest Missouri State University

We had four major events over the past year. The first event was our induction ceremony where we inducted four new members November 2. Following that, we conducted our Annual GeoBowl service event. We had over 50 participants this year and needed seven different rounds to determine a champion team. The champion team received a gift certificate to a local restaurant. For this event, we collect non-perishable food items and canned goods for donation to our local food pantry. This year, we collected 32 pounds of food.

During the spring term, we organized a fundraiser to sell fleeces with our Department of Humanities and Social Sciences logo. We sold 26 fleeces and made $154. This was a great success. We also continued our Films from Around the World series by showing, "Cool Runnings," "An Englishman who Went up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain," and "The Kite Runner."

Zeta Upsilon, University of Arizona


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