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Constitution & Bylaws

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Chapter Organization

Chapter Duties and Responsibilities of the Officers
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Chapter Organization


I.  Chapter Duties and Responsibilities of Officers


As the principal executive officer of the Chapter, the President has the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) Recognizes and strives to attain the goals of the Chapter through exercise of leadership and other personal qualities.  Supervises, delegates authority, and promotes cooperation of all officers and Members.

(b) Presides at Chapter meeting, functions and activities.

(c) Initiates establishment of the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws.  Requests changes when necessary.  Serves in such a way as to uphold its Constitution and Bylaws and those of the International Society.

(d) Appoints committees, both chairs and members.  Defines their responsibilities and activities.

(e) Delegates responsibilities and duties.

(f) Supervises Officers and committees.  Knows their duties, responsibilities and prerogatives.

(g) Acts as liaison between the Chapter, Chapter Sponsor, the Department, and officers of the institution associated with student activities.

(h) Initiates purchases of equipment and supplies in conjunction with the Treasurer, after approval of the Sponsor.  Sees that the budget and books are in proper form.

(i) Prepares a summary of the year's activities and other reports.

(j) Coordinates the program and provides adequate follow-up procedures.

(k) Represents the Chapter at the International Convocation and at other meetings.


As an executive officer, the Vice-President has the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) Serves in the absence of the President.

(b) Acts as Program Chair, devising the program calendar, including speakers, places, times, and other necessary arrangements.

(c) Assists the President in arranging and implementing all program events, but only advises the initiation team concerning its presentation, leaving the responsibility with them.  Generally secures equipment needed for Chapter functions or programs.

(d) Works with committees for special functions such as field trips, picnics, visiting speakers, and other events, but does not necessarily Chair these committees.

(e) Represents the Chapter when so appointed or selected. 


The Secretary has the following duties and responsibilities: 

(a) Takes minutes and reads them at meetings.  Prepares motions for presentation to the Chapter.

(b) checks and encourages attendance.

(c) Compiles and keeps current a membership list and individual card file.

(d) Handles all Chapter correspondence, both to International Officers, and to the department, institution, and other except Alumni.

(e) Reports all initiates and transfers to the Executive Secretary of Gamma Theta Upsilon.

(f) Distributes certificates t new Members.

(g) Prepares name cards and/or recognition tags for Members, visiting Members, and guests.

(h) Orders correspondence supplies and equipment in conjunction with the Treasurer, after approval of the Sponsor.

(i) Prepares and submits reports of the organization to the campus office of students affairs (or its equivalent).

(j) Keeps the Secretary's file current; this includes having on hand all necessary blank forms and supplies.  Becomes familiar with the old records file.  (After two years, the records should pass to the Historian and Historian's File).


The Treasurer has the following duties and responsibilities

(a) Collects all monies including initiation fees, dues, and special collections, and makes deposits to the Chapter account.

(b) Pays all bills.  This includes the following duties:

1. Logging in bills and invoices

2. Preparing all checks and check request forms if necessary.

3. Mailing checks to creditors

4. Holding and dispensing petty cash fund.

(c) Keeps accounts of income and expenditures.

(d) Prepares the budget in conjunction with the Executive Committee.

(e) Fills out requests for special grants.

(f) Submits required financial reports t the institution.

(g) Makes the proper request for being bonded, if required y the situation and/or Institution.

(h) Arranges for the annual audit of the books in conjunction with the Sponsor.  Assumes the responsibility for turning all records over to his/her successor.


The Historian has the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) Maintains the Chapter Scrapbook of activities and personalities.

(b) Compiles monthly and yearly activity summaries.

(c) Keeps records of Chapter Officers, Membership, and Sponsors.

(d) Stores pictures and articles of all functions, activities, and personalities.

(e) Maintains a card file of Alumni Members.


Effective faculty sponsorship is vital to the success of the Society.  The Sponsor should be selected or appointed with this need in mind.  The Sponsor should assume the responsibility only if he or she is sincerely interested in the welfare of the students and Department.  The Faculty Sponsor's enthusiasm is requisite to full attainment of the purpose of Gamma Theta Upsilon.  The Sponsor represents the Chapter in its relationship to the school administration.

The Sponsor should see that proper records (files) are maintained and reports are prepared.  He/she should encourage attendance and should personally participate in the Chapter's activities.  He/she should encourage and support the officers in carrying out their duties.  The Sponsor should be dedicated, recognizing that the sponsorship of Gamma Theta Upsilon is an honor.  Care should be taken to turn over complete files to his or her successor.


The Executive Committee should consist of the Chapter Officers and the Sponsor (ex officio).  The Committee should conduct the business of the Chapter between meetings and plan the overall operation of the Chapter.


1.  The Department Head may serve as the Faculty Sponsor, otherwise he should serve as an ex officio Member and Regular Member.  The Department Head should provide financial backing, a filing cabinet, and other support.


Such appointive Officers as Chairs of regular or special committees should carry out the responsibilities and functions assigned them by the President.



(a) Call to order by the President.  (A Parliamentarian is appointed at this time or prior to the meeting.) 

(b) Roll Call.

(c) Reading of the minutes of the last meeting by the Secretary.  Corrections and additions made, if necessary.  Motion and Second for approval.  Vote.

(d) Presentation of the Treasurer's report.  Explanations if necessary.

Motion and Second for approval.  Vote.

(e) Reports of Officers.

(f) Reports of Committees

(g) Any other old or unfinished business.

(h) New business.  Suggestions, questions, motions.

(i) Appointment of new committees or new tasks for present committees.

(j) Presentation of initiate lists, etc.

(k) Adjournment.

Note:  Steps may be omitted when found desirable; however, before a meeting, the President should always prepare the agenda in the above order.

The program may follow, or may be interjected at some convenient time in the agenda, following the device of temporary adjournment.  It is usually advisable to permit invited speakers to take part early in the meeting and then be excused.  The Business Meeting may also be held either before or after the program.


To insure orderly conduct of a meeting, a Parliamentarian should be appointed and function in that capacity.  The Parliamentary Procedure below should be followed unless the Chapter desires to follow the more formal procedure as set forth in the latest revision of Robert's Rules of Order.

 Parliamentary Procedure usually takes this order:

Obtaining the Floor

(1) Rise

(2) Address the Chair

(3) Wait to be recognized.

(4) Speak

Passage of a Motion

(1) Motion - required

(2) Second - required

(3) Rereading of the motion - required.

(4) Debate not required.

(5) Amendments to the motion - not required.

(6) Reading of the amended motion - required.

(7) Voting on the motion - required.

(8) Announcing the vote - required.

Order of Precedence of Motions

(1) Privileged Motions are not debatable.  This include the following motions:

a. Fixing the time of the next meeting.

  b. Adjournment.

  c. Taking a Recess - amendable.

  d. Raising a Question of Privilege.

  e. Calling for the Orders of the Day.


(2) Subsidiary Motions - used to dispose of a Main Motion.  These include the following motions:

  a. Tabling a subject of discussion.

  b. Calling for a vote on the previous question - this requires a two-thirdsmajority vote.

  c. Reducing or extending the limits of debate - this requires a two-thirds majority vote.

  d. Postponing to a certain time.

  e. Committing or Referring.

  f. Amending

  g. Postponing Indefinitely.


The following information should be recorded in the Minutes:

(a) The kind of meeting, Gamma Theta Upsilon Chapter, time and date of meeting, Presiding Office.  Those in attendance.  Whether a quorum was present.

(b) Whether minute s the previous meeting were approved.

(c) All motions, points of order, and appeals - with names of makers and seconders.

(d) Treasurer's report, Committee reports, etc. may be attached.

(e) Minutes should never express opinion, only actual meeting occurrences.

(f) Minutes should be signed by the Secretary and the President (or Presiding Officer).  

Constitution & Bylaws

International Organization



Chapter Organization


Chapter Roll